Lightweight Aluminum Flywheels

Our flywheels are the number one thing we’re known for and we’re proud of that! We’ve been making lightweight aluminum flywheels here in the USA for nearly 20 years and we were the originators of the bolt-on steel friction surface to allow self-servicing/rebuilding of the flywheels by the racers/customers in the field. Although other performance pioneers may have come up with the idea of lightweight flywheels to add performance to their vehicles; we perfected them. No more time consuming or costly flywheel resurfacing when replacing a clutch. No need to take a flywheel into a machine shop to have it ground down, or sending an “old-school” aluminum flywheel into the manufacturer to have riveted plates drilled out and re-riveted. Now you can keep an extra Fidanza Performance replacement friction plate kit on your shelf or order it from your local supplier and bolt it on in just minutes. What other benefits does a Fidanza Performance lightweight aluminum flywheel deliver over a stock replacement (cast iron/nodular iron or steel) flywheel? Take a look: Fidanza Performance Lightweight Aluminum Flywheels Deliver:
  • Faster throttle response and quicker acceleration
  • Additional horsepower to the wheels (reduced parasitic losses)
  • Smoother, faster shifting
  • Easier braking, better slowing (due to reduced rotational mass)
  • Reduced clutch wear and improved efficiency (from better heat dissipation)
  • Cost savings and longevity (replaceable friction plate = infinitely re-buildable design)
  • Potential for increased fuel economy (if you can keep your foot off the gas)
  • Quality and reliability (Made in the USA from top grade materials)

Fidanza VS. The Competition:

So, what about those other lightweight flywheels on the market; what makes Fidanza Performance a better choice? Well, there are primarily two different types of lightweight flywheels on the market today, chromoly steel and lightweight aluminum.


Chromoly steel flywheels are usually a one piece design and most often cannot be resurfaced for subsequent clutch changes, or can only be re-surfaced a few times before being out of spec requiring replacement with a new unit. The chromoly flywheel is a steel part, and therefore the only way to really reduce weight is to remove material/metal from the body of the flywheel.



Non-Fidanza / Off-Brand Aluminum Flywheels

Aluminum flywheels are usually a multi piece design consisting of a machined aluminum body, a clutch friction surface/plate and a steel ring gear. Although most aluminum flywheels on the market feature this “3-piece” configuration, it does not mean that they are all created equal. Often there can be significant differences in design, material quality and build quality. Just think how different one mocha latte can taste from another and you’ve got the idea. Here is a breakdown of what makes us better… Design-Our flywheel designs are based off of the OE (stock) flywheel dimensions and specs to ensure correct fitment and mate-up of critical components, but that is just the start. Unlike some flywheel manufacturers out there, we don’t just take a stock flywheel and copy it and put it on the shelf to sell. We actually analyze the flywheel and make any needed updates or adjustment to the aluminum design or material thicknesses to improve performance, strength and durability as needed. In most cases we can make these changes and still have a flywheel that will allow use of any OE style or direct replacement performance clutch on the market; if not, we identify the right clutch configuration to work with our flywheel and tell you up front what you need to use for best performance. All of our flywheel designs also incorporate our signature bolt-on replaceable friction surface that made Fidanza famous. This easily replaced friction plate attached with aircraft quality, self-locking hardware; allows for quick, convenient replacement out in the field and makes our aluminum flywheels nearly infinitely re-buildable. Where other manufacturer’s still use fully riveted friction surfaces that mean you must return a flywheel to them to have the surface replaced, our design means you can have your flywheel back to original specs in just minutes. That’s just another reason why racers and professional builders around the world choose Fidanza Performance!



Materials-Most aluminum flywheel bodies are made from 6061 T6 billet aluminum material, but again, not all 6061 T6 is the same. The classification of aluminum as 6061 T6 is based on a mix of metals (including aluminum, silicone, copper, magnesium, zinc, titanium, etc.) mixed in certain percentage ranges to achieve an optimum tensile strength. Unfortunately, some aluminum flywheels available on the market today use material that is mixed at the lowest possible content percentages to qualify as 6061 T6, just to save money. So if you’re not sure where the “6061 T6” material is coming from, you can’t always be sure what you’re getting… Our material are supplied by a major foundry and extruder that can consistently deliver us the highest grade 6061 T6 for our flywheels; and our material is checked for optimum consistency and strength several times throughout our manufacturing process to ensure we deliver the best possible aluminum flywheel available. The same goes for the other components in our Fidanza Performance aluminum flywheels. From our specially sourced 1050 hardened, pickled & oiled, steel friction plates, to our OE quality (and in some cases actual OE) Rockwell hardened steel ring gears, to our aircraft quality premium hardware, we use the best materials possible to make the best aluminum flywheels available. No compromises! Build-Our aluminum flywheels are designed and built here in the USA to exacting specifications. CNC machined and milled to tolerances of .001 of an inch, and consistently checked for quality throughout the manufacturing process, Fidanza Performance lightweight aluminum flywheels are the benchmark in the industry. All our flywheels are also hand assembled by our experienced staff and final inspected before packaging and shipment to our many distributors and dealers around he world. We take pride in what we build so you can take pride in what you drive. Enjoy the ride! Click HERE to learn more about our flywheels.

Performance V-Series Clutches

Our high performance V-Series clutches are designed and manufactured to deliver the best in quality, performance, durability and drivability for our customers. Sourced and assembled here in the USA to meet our performance specifications, these clutches are a great choice for the daily performance driver and weekend racer alike. Available in two performance levels, either our V-1 clutches featuring a sprung-hub organic disc with copper inlay for increased performance and better heat dissipation or our V-2 clutches with a sprung-hub, 6-puck, ceramic disc for increased performance, grip and torque hold; both clutches use a diaphragm style pressure plate for great clutch performance and drivability. Click HERE to learn more about our clutches.



Adjustable Cam Gears

Our adjustable cam gears are designed and built here in the USA to deliver great looks, precision cam timing adjustment and long term reliability. Manufactured out of our top grade 6061 T6 aluminum, our cam gears are built to last. All cam gear outer rings are black hard anodized for durability and feature profiled teeth for optimum timing belt engagement, as well as, reduced timing belt wear. Designed and laser marked to allow precise 12 degree advance or retard of engine timing, our cam gears can deliver engine horsepower and performance increases for far less than changing out factory camshafts. All cam gears are fitted with high quality stainless steel hardware to allow adequate torque-down to ensure the cam gears stay where they’re set. Unlike cheap, low quality off-shore cam gears that can have inferior materials, poor design or low grade hardware that can lead to timing failure and costly engine repairs, these Fidanza Performance adjustable cam gears are proven to perform! Click HERE to learn more about our cam gears.