Where can you buy Fidanza Performance products?

Fidanza Performance products are available for purchase through most major performance parts suppliers in the US and internationally. If you are not familiar with a Fidanza dealer/distributor, please refer to the Dealer Locator to the far right of this page to find one. We do recommend purchasing your Fidanza products only through a reputable and established company in order to ensure the optimum in customer service and your overall satisfaction. Please contact the dealer/distributor of your choice for final product pricing


Always remember, if the deal seems too good to be true; it often is!



Please beware of cheap or low quality imported flywheels, clutches or cam gears that may allude to being Fidanza or Fidanza quality. All Fidanza Performance parts are proudly made/assembled here in the USA.


How to Identify a Fidanza Performance aluminum flywheel:

Always look for our product code/serial number hand etched into the face of every Fidanza flywheel.

(Product Code varies, but will always follow format of example shown = H3-19190)


Also look for our Fidanza Performance FP label on most newer applications.



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