What is the RPM Act?

The RPM Act is a bipartisan bill that is currently pending in Congress that would ensure it remains legal for you modify your street vehicle into a dedicated race car.

The U.S. Environment Protection Agency’s (EPA) rule to outlaw the conversion of motor vehicles into race cars made waves all across the country. SEMA members, race enthusiasts and members of Congress led the way in opposing the rulemaking, resulting in the EPA’s April 15 announcement that it would remove the provision from the larger rule.
Unfortunately, the agency’s announcement has not settled the issue, as the EPA is standing by its recently stated position that it has always considered it illegal to convert any racing vehicle that started its life as a street-legal car or motorcycle, making it illegal to modify a motor vehicle’s emissions system from its certified configuration. Recently, the EPA has formally withdrawn its suggested regulations on race cars, however the EPA continues to assert they have the authority under the Clean Air Act to regulate how you modify your car for competition.

Father and Son working on their truck together.

Father and Son working on their truck together.


What You Can do to Support the RPM Act.

Click Here to send a letter to you your US Sentators and US Representative to show your support. You can also use #RPMACT2016 if you post on social media.

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