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aFe Terra Guard Stainless Steel Security Hardware Kit - 79-90001

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Add style and protection to you Terra Guard Jeep JL Tub Rail Covers with this stainless-steel security hardware kit. Although we designed the Terra Guard Tub Rail Covers to work perfectly with the OE hardware, the OE hardware is not the perfect solution. Bolts are made of 304 stainless-steel (no coating outside) which is superior to regular steel and any zinc plated fasteners and provides good strength and corrosion resistance in bad environments like high temperature, cold weather and high humidity areas. Washers are CNC machined from 303 stainless-steel for a superior surface finish and corrosion resistance. With a low-profile design, this stainless-steel security hardware kit will ensure a smooth surface across the top of the Terra Guard Tub Trail Covers. The OE hardware is bulky and protrudes up higher than the tread design which makes it easy to catch on things while loading and unloading items from your vehicle. The OE hardware’s oversized bolt head can create an uneven surface that could cause a spill if your drink lands on the head of one of these bolds. We solved this issue with a custom stainless-steel flat head washer that allows the head of the new stainless-steel bolt to sit flush with the tread pattern on you Terra Guard Tub Rail Covers. Style is important, but it’s nothing without security. With tamper proof Torx bit screws, you’ll minimize the chances of theft due to the uncommon size of the tool required for installation and removal. We include a TT40 Torx Bit that can be used with any 1/4in bit driver for your convenience.
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