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COMP Cams - LS3 BSR Rocker Shaft Set RHS Pro - 1980-16

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COMP Cams® expands upon its Max-Lift™ BSR Shaft Rocker Systems to include aftermarket LS3-style cylinder heads. This new bolt-in, bushed shaft rocker system is specifically designed for aftermarket LS3 heads where valve geometry is different from the stock configuration.By tying all eight rockers onto a single shaft, the BSR Series of rockers improves valve train dynamics by increasing valve train stiffness. Replacing the high-Hertz loading needle bearings with tri-layer bushings reduces deflection, allowing for increased rigidity and decreased rocker pad wear. The plasma-nitride finish minimizes friction and increases durability, while provisions for optional pressurized oiling further improve longevity and performance. The increased valve train stiffness provided by the COMP Cams Max-Lift BSR Shaft Rocker System makes the same camshaft perform like a slightly larger camshaft as more of the lobe lift is transferred directly to the valve train instead of being absorbed by deflection in the cylinder head and single-bolt rocker mounting design. The system will also allow the use of higher-lift, more aggressive camshafts before the valve train goes out of control. The Max-Lift BSR Shaft Rocker System ensures the rocker pad and valve tip remains parallel through the contact sweep, allowing the rocker to safely sweep up to .675” valve lift. The Max-Lift BSR Shaft Rockers System for aftermarket LS3-style heads will fit RHS 54550 Pro Elite LS3, Edelbrock Victor CNC LS3, Trick Flow 255 LS3, AFR Mongoose LS3, and Mast Black Label LS3.
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